,, Jól csak a szívével lát az ember. Ami igazán lényeges, az a szemnek láthatatlan." Antoine de Sait-Exupéry

Do you have any experiences in the job of an Au-pair?

Yes, I'm a babysitter and a tutor/ translator. furthermore I have a little sister and 4 little cousins.


Are you in a relationsship?

Yes I am, since 2 years, but I'm still living with my parents.


Do you have a driving licence?

Yes, I have the driving license BE, so I'm allowed to drive cars and traspoters till 3500kg, also caravans, tractors and trailers.


Are you religious?

Yes, I'm catholic!


Have you ever been out of Europe?

I've been to America, I've never been to Russia (but I would love to).


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